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Reverse The Aging Process


Trans-D Tropin® is the Only Clear Choice to Delay and Reverse the Aging Process!

Trans-D Tropin® is the world's first and only Trans-dermal Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Analog.
(GHRH) Analog provides full spectrum effect of balancing and optimizing the hypothalamic, pituitary and adrenal axis.
Recent studies show statistically significant increases in hGH levels from baseline, after treatment with Trans-D Tropin®.

Trans-D Tropin® is:

  • Clinically tested using subjective SF 36 patient outcome based study prameters.
  • United States FDA registered with all ingredients GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) Classified.
  • All Natural active ingredients.
  • No animal by products.



Know Your Options™, The Medical Series
Trans-D Tropin® Revolutionary Life Enhancement

Below is a complete online copy of the Know Your Options, The Medical Series DVD, Trans-D Tropin® Revolutionary Life Enhancement, which sells on this site, and on sites such as for $89.55. We invite you to enjoy this complimentary presentation of this program, so that you may learn more about, and better understand Trans-D Tropin®. To purchase Trans-D Tropin, or a copy of this DVD for yourself, click the "Order Now" button below.



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