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NASCAR Legend & Hall of Fame Inductee, Ned Jarrett

Professional Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Athletes and Bodybuilders

Seattle Sea Hawks

Kent Johnston: Strength & Conditioning Coach - Seattle Sea Hawks
After using the product for Three Weeks

"Trans D-Tropin® is a superior product (last year he used an oral secretagogue). Noticed some immediate increase in strength, shortened exercise recovery time and greater body definition (fat to muscle conversion)."

Update: "I really like this product. I have spoken to a couple of coaches on behalf of its validity."

Miami Dolphins

John Gamble: Strength & Conditioning Coach - Miami Dolphins
After using the product for four days

"This product is FANTASTIC! Noticed an immediate and considerable increase in strength, performance firming of muscles. Faster recovery from exertion and a possible easing of long-term shoulder chronic pain from years of heavy lifting. Possibly some improvement in sleep patterns."

Update: "Sleep is improving as is strength, and recovery time. My shoulder now gives me less pain. I must make sure I do not overdue my exercise program because I now feel so good."

Ned Jarrett: 2 Time NASCAR World Champion

NASCAR Press Play on the Video at the top of the page to hear Ned Jarret describe personally the benefits he has experienced using Trans-D Tropin®.

Kansas City Chiefs

Jeff Hurd: Strength & Conditioning Coach - Kansas City Chiefs
After using the product for four days

"This is a SUPERIOR product! I have used the oral secretagogue Meditropin in the past with fairly good results. But, since I started Trans-D Tropin® just four days ago I have noticed a significant increase in strength and performance, (reps have increased from 8 to 12 = increase of 50%) and a measurable reduction in recovery time. After just the first few days I have noticed an increase in muscle tone. My sleep, a problem for many years has greatly improved so that now I can now sleep through the night without getting up a few times like in the past." Will recommend the product to other professional athletes.

Update: "Have noticed a return to my condition prior to taking the product."

New England Patriots

Johnny Parker: Strength & Conditioning Coach - New England Patriots
After using the product for five days

"What I really noticed immediately was a considerable and definite reduction in recovery time after my heavy workout. I also noticed an improvement in my sleep."

Update: "Noticing increase in strength and improvement in recovery time. Have noticed a lot of improvement from arthritis pain in both hips. More vivid dreams."

Update: "Continued extreme improvement in long term arthritis pain".

Jacksonville Jaguars

Greg Finnegan: Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - Jacksonville Jaguars
After using the product for two weeks.

"I like the product. Have noticed a definite increase in strength and recovery from physical exertion. Have not pushed myself to the maximum as of yet. Possible improvement in sleep and I have noticed an increase in the burning of fat calories."

Update: "Noticing a continued significant increase of strength and in recovery time. I am now sure my sleep is enhanced with this product. People are noticing that I have a leaner muscular look although I have not lost any weight."

Charlotte Hornets

James M. Wigfall III: Trainer of the Executive Core of the NBA Charlotte Hornets
Age 30, Competitive National Level (Lifetime Natural) Body Builder

"Being a 100% natural competitive athlete and professional trainer, I will only consider natural non-drug conditioning supplementation. Since I have used Trans-D Tropin® (about 5 weeks) I have noticed the following:

  • Five percent (5%) decrease in body fat.
  • From 266 lbs. at (15% body fat) to 278 lbs. at (10% body fat) without a change in pre-contest diet.
  • 12 lbs. increase in lean body mass.
  • Seemingly infinite increased strength and endurance.
  • Exceptional recovery time from a heavy workout.
  • Improved refreshing sleep.

"I was reluctant to believe anything could really make me feel more task oriented and competition driven than I normally am. However, upon the first month's usage of this product I experienced marked improvements mentally and with clearness of thought that is now helping in the following areas:

  • Focused peripheral vision
  • More task orientation
  • Increased time management skills and the ability to mentally accomplish more projects."

James M. Wigfall III
Charlotte, North Carolina

Subject: 29-year-old male, conditioned body builder
On the Program: Two Weeks
Comments: Notices remarkable positive results

I am a 29 year old male and have been lifting weights for the past several years. I have also invested thousands of dollars in different supplements to try to help achieve my goals.

Needless to say, I have found out the hard way that most of them were not worth the money. I have also been hindered with an on going back injury that prevented me from doing some exercises. I've also invested a lot of money in doctor's visits and prescriptions. This I have found to be a waste of time and money too.

On June the 2nd I started on Trans-D Tropin®. At that time, I was on a plateau and had been for quite sometime. Within 24 hours, I started noticing some changes. I seemed to have more energy and my workouts were more intense. My sleeping had improved a great deal. Also, I had slept better than I had in months prior to trying this. After 48 hours I had a noticeable difference in strength. I was much more comfortable with the weight I had been using before. Also, I didn't seem to be sore after working out.

After 72 hours, I still had increased energy and stamina. My sleep had improved so much that even a short nap during the day felt like I had slept all night. The best result thus far was that my back didn't hurt like it had in the past after lifting heavy weight. After 84 hours my improvements were similar to the few days before but my strength was greater. My Hack Squat went from a one-time repetition of 810 lbs. to four repetitions at 900 lbs. I have never done this weight before.

I have been taking Trans-D Tropin® now for two weeks and I can't believe the improvements that I have made in such a short time. I have increased my maximum weight on everything. My energy level is higher than ever before. I've gotten the best rest that I can ever remember. My back hasn't hurt or restricted me from doing any exercises. The overall appearance of my body looks tighter, but I haven't lost any weight.

Out of all the supplements I've tried, I have never seen results so fast, or so noticeable. I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to increase his or her strength and appearance to try this. This isn't something you need to try for six weeks before you see results. It happens so fast that you won't believe it.

Michael (Mike) Samsel
Troutman, North Carolina