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The Story
"Anti-aging" and "longevity" have become popular marketing terms. But the vast majority of these products, generally speaking are ineffective and have never been proven or shown to increase lifespan.

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Trans-D Tropin® is a miracle of science that was literally years in the laboratory making. Dr. Buttar and his partner, Dr. Dean Viktora, spent countless hours in the laboratory trying to find the right combination of peptide analogs for this remarkable formula.

Peptide analogs are delicate forms of amino acid chains that - when delivered in the right combination and form - produce extraordinary results in the body. The peptide analogs used in Trans-D Tropin® are so powerful, they trigger a significant, natural release of growth hormone in the body - unlike any other substance ever discovered. And unlike other anti-aging or longevity products and clearly different form growth hormone (GH) injections, Trans-D Tropin® accomplishes this response without increasing insulin-like growth factor - type 1 (IGF-1) levels.

Why is that so important? Calorie restriction studies going as far back as 1934 have shown that the healthiest, longest-living animals (and humans) have high GH levels and low IGF-1 levels. Conversely, elevated IGF-1 levels have been associated with inflammation, cancer and a host of other problems.

Trans-D Tropin® appears to deliver the same benefits as found in the age-defying, life-extending benefits of caloric restriction - without your having to cut back on your calories or food intake.

Some might consider this to be impossible. That's certainly what many medical experts thought as a series of double-blind studies were prepared to examine the effect of these all natural and unique amino acid complexes which make up Trans-D Tropin®. The results of the studies can be found on this page [link to research page].

How the News Spread

The data collected in the studies was very impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the result that patient felt after beginning on Trans-D Tropin®. The product captured the attention of some of Dr. Buttar's patients who happened to be physicians themselves.. They began to use Trans-D Tropin® themselves as well as with some of their patients and experienced the extraordinary results firsthand.

Once this happened, word began to spread and more and more doctors wanted to offer the same unique benefits to their own patients - so they began to purchase Trans-D® for their medical practices.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Buttar never intended to sell Trans-D Tropin® to anyone. His goal was to create an tool to help his own patients. However, when some of the doctors he was treating wanted to use Trans-D Tropin® for their own patients, it seemed like the product would be reserved for physicians and their patients only.

Yet Trans-D Tropin® could not be contained. It wasn't long before the news began to spread across the world - entirely by word of mouth - just one doctor or satisfied patient raving to another.

Fast forward to today. Without any advertising, Trans-D Tropin® has been quietly used and enthusiastically praised for more than 11 years. It has won over critics and converted those who did not believe it was possible to achieve results as reported by people using Trans-D Tropin® for years. It has been recommended by over 1,880 doctors in 27 different countries and as of January 2009, has had well over 25 million doses dispensed.