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B. Helmer, MD
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J. LeValle, RPH
Pharmacist, Nutritionist, Author
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J. McWherter, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
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R. Grafton, MD
Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
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R. Chubaty, MD
Aesthetic Medicine
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T. Rosema, MD
Gen. Medicine & Metal Toxicology
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V. M. Vega, MD
Oncology / Integrative Medicine
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V. Stevens, MD
Internal Medicine

Subject: Dr. Robin Bernhoft, MD, FACS

"Trans D Tropin is amazing! I am 61, in pretty good shape, but lately had been waking up several times a night and feeling less leg spring during my morning run. Since I've chelated out most of my lead, I decided to try Trans D. The first night I only slept 3.5 hours, but awoke refreshed, stayed energetic all day, and my legs were much stronger on my morning run. The next night I slept 7 uninterrupted hours, and since I've been sleeping very soundly, awaking refreshed after 5 to 7 hours, and the spring is back in my muscles during workouts. I feel like I'm 40 again! The sense of inner power and vigor is back. It seems to me I am experiencing the mitochondrial effects of Trans D in my muscles and general energy. Whether this is extending my lifespan, or just extending my youth I don't know, but either way, it's a bargain.

Subject: 31 year old male physician, (body builder)
On the Program: Two Weeks
Comments: First hand comparison with an oral secretagogue

"I would like to give you an update on my results with Trans-D Tropin® compared to the oral product Meditropin. I have been involved with growth hormone secretogogues since April of 1998. I experienced very good results with the Meditropin product. I am a weight lifter and increased my bench press from 315 lbs. to 345 lbs. in the first month. In addition, I have moderate osteoarthritis in both knees and had been unable to perform an effective lower body routine because of the pain. My body fat was only 8% when I started the program and that did not change. I work with many professional athletes and many lost body fat and increased their energy and endurance. In addition, I had success in treating menopausal and chronic pain patients."

"When I first heard of the results obtained with Trans-D Tropin® I was highly skeptical of the strength gains achieved with other athletes. Because I had been weightlifting for 16 years, I know that a 20% plus strength gain is very difficult, if not impossible to achieve for the conditioned athlete. So, when I received the product I tried to maximize my bench press weight. On the Monday before, I bench-pressed and was able to lift one repetition of 345 lbs. I started the program on Thursday and on the following Monday (on the program four days), I was able to lift 405 lbs for one repetition. That's a 60 lb. or 15% increase in less than one week. I have never seen a program have such a dramatic, positive result with no side effects. After being on the Trans-D Tropin® only two weeks now, I can feel a noticeable positive difference in my energy and endurance levels, my quality of sleep and overall well-being. I highly suggest Trans-D Tropin® for anyone wanting to increase their athletic performance and general quality of life. I look forward to updating you with more positive results in the future."

Dr. James Fink
Green Bay, Wisconsin

In response to inquiry about his damaged foot after a recent accident: "Foot is feeling much better. What should be a three-week recovery period will be about a week and the only thing I can attribute that to is the Trans-D Tropin®".

Subject: Longevity Physician (Female)
On the Program: Several days
Comments: Family Medicine, experienced in Anti-Aging therapies

"It is now the 3rd day of using Trans-D Tropin®. As I mentioned on the phone, my first dose produced a noticeable lifting of my afternoon mental fog within minutes of application. Certainly, I had no such expectation.

I am not a serious athlete but realize that my health and quality of life depends upon a certain level of muscle and endurance. I walk 45 minutes in a hilly park about 4 days per week. I do simple morning free weights and more serious work on my home gym twice per week as well as yoga one-day per week.

Today my workout on the home gym was remarkably easy. I began at my plateau levels for all exercises, did 15 to 20 reps easily then increased each exercise by 10 to 25 percent and repeated. I noticed that I barely broke a sweat and was not even out of breath! I can appreciate why one must be careful to include days of rest and be wary of not progressing too fast. Quite clearly Trans-D Tropin® is an effective product and I will incorporate this into my longevity practice. Please keep me posted on further clinical data. Let me know if you are unable to access the Vancouver Sun newspaper by web. My article appears on the 26th in the health section. I look forward to the questionnaires and any advice you have to keep the use of this product safe.

This will make my anti-aging program more affordable to a larger market. Certainly for me the mental clarity is an almost immediate and reproducible experience. Something like firing on 8 cylinders instead of 6."

Barbara Fischer, M.D.
Abbotsford, British Columbia

Subject: Physician Mid-50's (Male)
Established Medical Practice, author, lecturer and clinical research.

"I have been on the program for one month and I am beginning to experience positive results i.e. Increased energy, less gray hair and some initial weight loss."

Julian Jessel-Kenyon, M.D.
United Kingdom

Comment by Philip L. Miller, MD - Los Gatos Longevity Institute: : "The following comment [by one of my patients] was totally unsolicited. She is a great lady, smart as a whip and a former body-builder. She is very disciplined and goal-oriented."

Subject: 47 year old female
On the Program: One the program less than two-weeks
Comments: Former Body Builder

Patient Response:
The Trans-D Tropin® works big time! After the first three days, I pushed a legitimate six reps of a military press with 110lbs.'close to my old competition weight of 145 over my head!!!!!!!! One of the items listed on the patient sheet was increased water intake, it is true. I don't usually carry water with me during training routines, but have been thirsty enough to finish one 12 oz. bottle each session.

Subject: 59 year old physician
On the Program: Two weeks
Comments: Physically Fit, Long time exercising

"For many years I have been physically fit and I work out with weights five days a week. I have been at a physical plateau for some time. As of yet I am only using an abbreviated protocol once daily prior to my 1? hour workout. I have noticed an instant and definitive 15% increase in strength and 15% reduction in recovery time. Pain from old knee injuries that I have had for many years are noticeably and measurably improved. Next week I will increase my Trans-D Tropin® usage."

Dr. Vince Quas
Bend, Oregon