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Chapter 26 from Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics Vol. 5

The Inter-Relationship Between Growth Hormone, IGF-1, and Cancer

Rashid A Buttar DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM Visiting Scientist, North Carolina State University Chapter 26 from "Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics Vol. 5"

The benefits of growth hormone have received increasing attention from not only the media but the medical profession as well, as a result of studies indicating GH may have the ability to restore a more youthful physiology and enhance the quality of life. However, there is controversy centered on the possibility that maintaining youthful GH levels may actually be harmful in the long run and may result in shortening life span by inducing cancer.

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Study - Journal of Integrative Medicine

Accelarated and efficacious results using variable somatotroph and hypothalamotroph specific poly-peptide combianants utilizing a trans-dermal delivery mechanism (TD-GHRH-A) as an alternative to recombinant Human Growth Hormone injection therapy

Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM Dean C. Viktora, PhD Michael E. Quinn, EMT-P

A patient outcome based study was conducted to investigate the possible efficacy of certain somatotroph and hypothalamotroph specific poly-peptide combinants which appear to emulate the action of GHRH resulting in a highly efficacious release of endogenous GH.

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Result of double-blind study

Preliminary Results of Multi-Centered, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled, Cross-Over Study Evaluating Endogenous hGH (Human Growth Hormone) Levels with Serial hGH (Human Growth Hormone) Radio

Rashid Buttar, DO, James Biddle, MD, Rajiv Chandra, MD, Terry Grossman, MD, Clarence Norris, MD, James Smith, DO, Annette Stoesser, MD, Dean Viktora, PhD

Serial hGH (Human Growth Hormone) radio-immunoassay testing has clearly established rapid and substantial increases in ENDOGENOUS hGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels with Tran-D Tropin® usage. This tran -dermal GH Releasing Hormone analog offers the first hope of naturally and conveniently sustaining youthful levels of hGH (Human Growth Hormone).

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